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Some easy ways to sell QR codes and earn money- By Zovmi

Remind that this is a FREE way of earning. You are no need to invest your money in this type of online earnings.

 Sell QR codes and earn money

Now you are thinking about how we are creating and sell QR codes online?
Don't worry about it. I will tell you a very easy and step-wise way to create and sell QR codes online.
First, I will tell you how to create a QR code then I say you how to sell it.
so now let's start earning money and sell QR codes.
let's Create Qr code

now I will say you a website that helps you to create beautiful QR codes in just a minute. The website name is QrCode Monkey.

How to use QrCode Monkey

Basically, QrCode monkey is a QR code generator tool. It helps you to create beautiful QR codes. By using this tool you can easily available to convert any link to a QR. With this tool, you easily create a beautiful QR code in just a few minutes.
sell qr codes

To use this website you just need to create your free account .you can easily create your account on this website by filling in your details. After the signup, you are available to design your QR codes.
QrCode Monkey provides you many options to create a QR code by using these options you can easily edit and customize your QR code. In this tool, you can choose many colors in your QR that's help your QR to look good. you can also available to put your logo in your QR codes.
sell qr codes
sell QR codes sample

Now I will say you how you can sell QR Codes.

You just need to use Fiverr. If you are not known about Fiverr and how to use it then you can see my previous post about it. I will Shere every detail in my previous post. By using this way you can easily available to sell QR Codes How to sell QR Codes in Fiverr. Basically Fiverr is a freelancing website it is very popular in the freelance industry.

About Fiverr

It provides all the freelance works. Many people use Fiverr to sell their services. By using Fiverr you can easily sell QR Codes online. To sell QR Codes you just need to create an account in Fiverr. Then make your service Gig to sell QR Codes in Fiverr. If you are not known how to create a Fiverr account and sell the Gigs. Then you just need to view my previous post about it to get the complete info.
sell qr codes

it is easy to put your gig in Fiverr but it is very difficult to rank on Fiverr as a beginner. as a beginner, the first order is difficult but don't upset just work continuously. you can improve yourself with continue to work. to rank on the Fiverr you need to make your Gig SEO. Just remember that you need to choose the best image of your work that helps you to show the face of your skill long-tail keywords in your post SEO and link. Keywords help you to rank fast on Fiverr. If you do not know about Fiverr Gig SEO then nearly I will make another post on Fiverr SEO.

To get the help you can use my previous articles and get more info you will search for this topic with the help of YouTube

in this article, I will show you a very easy method of online earning but I do not recommend this work as a full-time career you can use this method your part-time.

At this time everyone wants to earn some extra money in the online field but people do not know that the right way of online earning But I will provide you the right ways of online earnings.


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