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Top 5 Genuine online money earning sites - By Zovmi

Money is the need for everyone's life people want to earn some extra money in their free time but most online earning platforms are fake on the internet but don't worry I will provide you Genuine online money earning sites. These sites help you to earn some extra money in your free time. These sites do not provide you high earnings but in your free time, you will able to earn some extra money by these all Genuine online money earning sites . to earn money from these sites you just need to perform a simple task like surveys, watching ads, and some other short things. These are 100% Genuine online money earning sites that gives you a chance to earn some money in your free time. How these sites are work. Basically, these sites provide you some easy tasks when you complete these tasks then you earn some. To work on these websites you do not need any skills anyone can join these websites and available to earn with these sites. Mostly these sites provide you surveys to complete th

Top 5 best reselling apps in India - By Zovmi

This time I will tell you a new method of online earning It called Reselling and I tell you the Top 5 best reselling apps in India These apps are 100% Genuine and these apps provide you the best value for your sold products compare to other apps online. NOTE Everyone wants to earn money online that is why I tell you many ways of online earning. Peoples are looking for many different ways of online earnings. I will tell you many methods (Ways) of online earnings. But people want high earnings in a very short time, that is why they have become fail in many methods. I will tell you without working you do not earn money online if you are choosing any method of online earning then after your choice, you need to work properly on these methods. In the online world, you will see many reselling apps, but so many apps are fake on the internet otherwise they will provide you very low earnings that is why I will choose the top 5 best reselling apps in India . These apps are different from other

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review and Strategies For Beginners - By Zovmi

Review of Amazon Mechanical Turk.  Many peoples are looking for freelance work online but there was a very high competition in top freelancing sites that is why it is difficult to rank on these websites. Everyone wants to earn money online in freelancing but people face high competition in freelancing. Because of this competition, so many people are not able to get a chance of earning. But don't worry guys I have an opportunity for you. I am talking about amazon mechanical Turk its short name is MtuRk and it's part of amazon that is why you can trust it. It is different from other micro job websites because it is very strict in its policies . This site did not provide the work for all the peoples it is select only a few peoples were eligible to work on these websites. In the daily wages, thousands of peoples put their application to get a job on this platform but only some peoples were approved by amazon. To get a job on this platform you need to fill in your details proper

Some easy ways to sell QR codes and earn money- By Zovmi

Remind that this is a FREE way of earning. You are no need to invest your money in this type of online earnings.  Sell QR codes and earn money Now you are thinking about how we are creating and sell QR codes online? Don't worry about it. I will tell you a very easy and step-wise way to create and sell QR codes online. First, I will tell you how to create a QR code then I say you how to sell it. so now let's start earning money and sell QR codes. let's Create Qr code now I will say you a website that helps you to create beautiful QR codes in just a minute. The website name is QrCode Monkey. How to use QrCode Monkey Basically, QrCode monkey is a QR code generator tool. It helps you to create beautiful QR codes. By using this tool you can easily available to convert any link to a QR. With this tool, you easily create a beautiful QR code in just a few minutes. To use this website you just need to create your free account .you can easily create your account on this website by