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3 Easy Ways for How to use Fiverr - As a Beginner

In my recent post, I will say you the top websites like Fiverr but at this time I will discuss how to use Fiverr.
This time the most of peoples are looking for online jobs like freelancing that is why most people want to use Fiverr

Because Fiverr is the best platform for freelance work, On that time we are discussing how to use Fiverr and I will complete
your all the queries about how to use Fiverr.
How to use Fiverr
How to use Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr was a top-rated freelancing website that helps you to buy and sell services online. Fiverr was a 100% legal and genuine
website on the internet. Most of the peoples want to use Fiverr as a freelance website because it provides the best value of services but many peoples are confused about how to use Fiverr.
Fiverr was the best website for freelance work because it is easy to understand for new users and also a beginner-friendly.

In the Fiverr, you can easily find and sell your services online across the world. Fiverr was a big freelancing network
on the internet and millions of peoples earned through it. So now let's learn about how to use Fiverr.

Best Uses of Fiverr

You will use Fiverr in two ways First is Buying and Second is Selling your services online. That is the best opportunity for
online workers to find the best and trusted works online. The online working companies hire the freelancers in Fiverr to complete her work
was based on freelancing.

How to use Fiverr?

Fiverr was the best platform for freelancing and at this time most of the business are working online that is why most of the peoples want
to earn through Fiverr. Fiverr is a top freelancing platform across the world. Most of the online workers know about Fiverr but the
highest competition value makes this hard but I will show you the right way to use Fiverr by just following the simple steps.

1) What Account creating a process to use Fiverr?

For creating your account in Fiverr First of all you need to sign up in Fiverr you will easy to create your account by using your Gmail or Facebook account during the signup process Fiverr ask some of your personal details Like about your Education, Skills and some other things, etc. That is very easy to create an account in Fiverr after the signup
you will enter in your dashboard section.

2) What is the Next step After Sin-Up

After The SinUp you will enter the main dashboard that helps you to manage your account in your dashboard section you will see the posted Gigs and at the top of your profile, you will see the information
about your account. In the dashboard you will see many types of tools like messages, notification, etc this is helpful in your account management.

3) Create Gigs To Use Fiverr

Gigs were played a very important role in Fiverr Its help to sell your services on Fiverr. Your Gigs help you to provide an overview of your work to your customers.
You will customize Your gigs according to your work and pricing without creating Gigs you are not able to sell your services on Fiverr.

Note: when you want to create Gigs you need to optimize your Gigs according to SEO.
For Profesional work sometimes you need to take a test to create your gigs.

Steps after creating Gigs.

When you successfully created and set up your gigs in Fiverr then you are able to sell your services in Fiverr.
When any client looking for your services then they contact you to buy your service in this process you can make money through Fiverr.

Payment System.

you can easily Redeem your money by connecting your Fiverr account with PayPal.
NOTE: Fiverr charge some money in your selling Gigs.

My Recommendation.

  • Your profile plays a very important rule to use Fiverr.
  • We make sure to optimize your GIG perfectly and complete your Gigs SEO.
  • As a beginner set your Gigs price low as your competitors that help you to attract clients.
  • NOTE: You need to provide the best experience to your clients.


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