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How much money do youtubers make? with YouTube.

How much money do youtubers make, with YouTube.

About YouTube

YouTube is one of the best platforms to Shere your skills improve your business and make money online.
YouTube is one of the  How much money do youtubers make platforms to make money online. It is a one of important part of Google.
You will earn money from youtube by shereing your content and skills to all over the world. On the other way it is the best platforms for video Shereing.
How much money do youtubers make, with YouTube

How much money do youtubers make from youtube.

On the first step you need to sin up in youtube then create your channel. After making the channel  Shere your content on youtube.
On the first time you need to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 Subscribers.
After completing this steps you can able to monetize your channel and earn money from youtube .

How much money do youtubers make.

Youtubers make money after enabling the monetization on their channel.
YouTube pay money according their view on the video.
Big youtuber will be make too much money on their channels.
Warning to earn money from youtube.
Don't put adult content.
Don't upload copyright videos.
Don't upload content on related alcohol.
How much money do youtubers make per 1000 views.
Youtubers make money as per view 0.01 to 0.03 youtuber can make 14$-18$ as  clicks of 1000 views. Youtube pay you according to their ad impressions and Clicks. On the ad impressions youtube pay you 2.5$-5$ as per 1000 impressions.

How much money do youtubers make per subscribe.

YouTube does not pay you for like and subscribe. When any people subscribe your channel  who chose to subscribe your account to get easy access to watch your latest videos. When you post any videos your subscriber get notified to watch your video.
Subscribers is very important for any youtuber. People subscribe your channel because they are like your content. When your channel subscribers regularly increases it means your channel is growing. Your subscribers halp you to improve your channel and improve your earning.

Earning on YouTube make per video.

How much money do youtubers make per video it is depend their video content and pupularty. Youtube pay you according to your video pupularty and views. Youtube pay you money because youtube put ads on your video. It is pay you 4$ to 5$ as per 1000 views. It is pay you 5000$ as per 1,000,000 views.
How many views do youtubers need to get paid.
On the youtube get paid you when you reach 100$ that means you need just 40000 views to get paid and reach up to 1000$.
Once you enable monetization in your channel then you will start your earning through youtube.
How much money do youtubers make, with YouTube

Other ways to earn money from youtube.
Affiliate marketing.

On the other ways you can earn money from youtube by affiliate marketing on this way you need to promote any company product when any user buy any product through your affiliate link you get a cummison.


You will earn extra money by Permoting in your channel. You can also permote any channel, social page, apps and other things.

Top Indian Youtubers.

1)Sandeep Maheshwari. ...
2)Vidya Iyer. ...
3)Gaurav Chaudhary. ...
4)Nisha Madhulika.
5)Shruti Arjun Anand. ...
6)Ashish Chanchlani. ..
7)Amit Bhadana.
Tips to start youtube channel.

Chose the right content

When you are go to make a YouTube channel first of all you need to choice the right content for your channel, You need to decide the content which field you like.
You must need an intresting content your content is very halpful for you it is help you to increase the views and subscribers in your channel.

Put yourself with right content

You will record videos using your smart phone papular youtubers must use high quality cameras for video shooting but on the start up you will choose your mobile phone for recording videos.
But use high quality microphone.

Inspire yourself.

Just keep looking for inspiration use Google to sreach any questions. Use YouTube sreach inspiration videos.
Keep working regularly on the channel.
Keep building your network. Don't look negative comments. Keep the connection between your views.


Use keywords in your video.
Shere your channel to social media.
Use social media platforms was help you to grow up your channel.


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