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Earn PayPal money by Link Short

How to earn PayPal money by Link Short

In this post I am want to show you how to earn money by Short the Links.In this post I am say you two trusted website to pay you for Link Short & Unlimited trick of those website.

Which website pay you for Link Short

                                                         Two Sites (,Clicksfly)are pay you for Short the links.

Why those website provide you free money for Link Short?

                                          Those website are based on view the ads.This website was pay you for viewing the ads.

Sin up?

            In this website you are create your account through your gmail I'd. After Sin up you want to log in you account.After log in first complete your profile .


       On the homepage you see Short Link option Tap this option and short any Link watch like you and shere this link.
Unlimited Trick?
                           You are use auto poster website and tools you are shere your link on social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram etc and use of GB WhatsApp.


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